Welcome to Advenchen!

Advenchen Laboratories is a small pharmaceutical company focusing on pharmaceutical research and development involving small molecule cancer drug discovery programs. Our scientists are looking for small molecule kinase inhibitors, especially protein tyrosine kinases (PTK) inhibitors, that target the regulation of various PTK for cancer treatment. Our proprietary drug development product pipeline has demonstrated strong anti-tumor activities and therapeutic benefits in various target scopes. It is believed that our novel small molecules will bring breakthrough and promising therapies as well as a prosperous future for cancer patients.

Our crucial capability is to create innovative chemical fragments and scaffolds that may contribute better solubility, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and toxicology profiles to bring us the most promising preclinical and clinical candidates.

We are also conducting several phase 3 small molecule oncology clinical studies which are in various stages of completion, data lock, follow up, recruitment and preparation. We are targeting to submit first US NDA in 2025.