Drug Development Pipeline

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Apatinib/YN968D1 (VEGFr)






China (Hengrui)




Global (LSK)

AL6802 (EFGR)


China (Advenchen)




China (Haihe)

AL3818 (VEGFr, FGFr)





China (CTTQ)




Global (Advenchen/CTTQ)

AL8326 (AuroraB, VEGFr, FGFr)


China (Advenchen)

AL2846 (c-Met)


China (CTTQ/Advenchen)

AL58805 (mTor)


China (Advenchen)

AL58922 (pi3k alpha/mTor)

IND enabling

YN968D1 (Apatinib) has been marketed in China as of the end of 2014 by Hengrui, global development is by LSK BioPharma.

This compound is targeting epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) for cancer treatment.

Chinese Phase I clinical development is ongoing

Clinical development in China by Haihe Pharmaceuticals.

Our scientists have synthesized and discovered a series of novel small molecule PTK inhibitors. Phase II and III clinical trials are ongoing in US, NDA submitted in China.

AL8326 is an inhibitor of Aurora B, FGFr, and VEGFr. It has been shown remarkable efficacy in several xenograft models. AL8326 also has been generally demonstrated better in vivo activities comparing with sunitinib or sorafenib in various xenograft models.

Phase I clinical trial is ongoing in China.

AL2846 is a c-Met receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) inhibitor and it also inhibits other RTKs of Flt4, KDR and Ron.

Phase I clinical trial is ongoing in China.

AL58805 (mTor)
Phase I clinical trial preparation.

AL58922 (pi3k alpha/mTor)
The compound is in IND-enabling studies.